Our Mission and Objectives

Our school is committed to achieving its goals

The mission of English Study Centre is to provide purposeful and innovative language programmes for all students.


English Study Centre aims to develop English language skills in all contexts, customised in such a way to meet the needs and interests of all students. It further aims to reinforce confidence in the use of the English language not only for General English, but also for English for Specific Purposes.

English Study Centre aims to provide individualised, reliable and specialised service from our highly qualified and experienced teachers to all our students.

English Study Centre aims to ensure that all our English language learners are given the same high input of language knowledge, which is vital to their language development.


To offer quality teaching in the four skills of the English language, reading, writing, speaking and listening.

For students to acquire a solid knowledge of the English language grammar and realise the functional aspects of the English language.

For students to administer both the spoken and written modes of the English language with fluency and accuracy.

For students to familiarise themselves with the cultural and social context of the English language and appreciate its significance.