Mrs. Krini Askanis

Director of the Institute

Mrs. Krini Askanis has been teaching English since 1970 to young and adult learners. Her teaching experience also includes academic teaching in English Language and Literature at advanced pre-University level. Mrs. Askanis has taught in London, Athens and Limassol at renowned institutes and private schools. Additionally, her academic career involves designing EFL courses for in-company programmes for business professionals wishing to cultivate their language and professional skills. These courses incorporate communication strategies, presentations and negotiating skills, meetings and understanding cultural differences.

In addition to providing adult courses for the domestic market, Mrs. Askanis has designed and offers courses for the International market specifically to English Language learners from E.U countries and Russia. These courses cover a whole range of subjects from Business English to more cultural based subjects, including English for Agrotourism.

Mrs. Askanis was awarded the DELTA diploma (Diploma of English Language Teaching for Adults). Her academic qualifications, the extensive teaching experience along with her capability in managerial issues have enabled her to create a well established reputation in the field of English language teaching.

Mrs. Krini Askanis

The Trainer Director of the English Study Centre – Training Centre

As the Trainer Director of English Study Centre, Mrs. Krini Askanis is responsible for the design and organization of the training content of each adult English for Specific Purposes programme in collaboration with the Human Resources Department Authority (HRDA). Mrs. Askanis undertakes the preparation before the start of the programme and selects the training methods, techniques, aids and materials.

To assess participants’ levels and needs, questionnaires are completed for analysis of their personal training needs and placement tests are set for each prospective participant prior to the programme. Mrs. Askanis ensures the programmes are implemented in strict accordance to the schemes of work and conducted with a high level of professionalism throughout the duration of the programmes.