Adult Education

Our adult courses are approved by the H.R. Authority and Development of Cyprus.

Adult Groups:
Our school provides the opportunity to adults to improve and further advance their English language skills. For this we have designed specialized programmes to meet the needs of the working professional of the 21st century.

Business English:
English Study Centre has provided Business English courses since 1999. The courses are offered at three levels and in accordance with the LCCI English for Business syllabuses, which lead to the English for Business examinations. Those examinations comply with two important authorities: The Council of Europe’s Language Levels and the British National Standards (NVQ) for Languages. The courses start with an introductory section that explores the common problems that arise in the Business English field. Learners will develop their skills and knowledge in all four language learning skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking, to enable them to communicate efficiently by adopting the required style practised in the business world.

General English:
The school began offering this programme in 1990. It combines speaking and listening skills to a greater degree and deals with topics such as personal history, work, interests, etc., and other topics that cover a wider perspective as well as current affairs. Learners are put into role-play situations based on situations which are presented in picture or text form or a specific object (realia). Reading involves authentic texts from newspapers, magazines, and journals to prompt some serious discussions.

Communication Skills for Managers:
This is a newly designed course and began running in 2008.Participants learn all they need to know about meetings, planning agendas, report writing and dealing with potentially volatile situations. They will be given power tips and an opportunity to develop presentation skills which will further enhance the quality of each manager’s work performance and dramatically improve language efficiency.

HRDA Programmes
English Study Centre is now officially a certified Training Centre (KEK) since 2016 and approved to run Training Courses for specific professions. In accordance with the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus we offer the following approved and sponsored 30-hour programmes:
  • Business English for Private Commercial Companies
  • Business Communication Skills in the Services Sector
  • Specific English for Nurses for an Improved Customer Care Experience in private clinics. (on the ward and at front desk)
Our Institute offers the opportunity to the working professionals to progress and develop their communication skills as well as enrich their knowledge in their field. The programmes are subsidised up to 80% by the HRDA. Courses are offered and run at the English Study Training Centre by our experienced and qualified teachers and all participants get to receive the courses’ certificate at the end of the course.