Active paths to creative English language learning

It is of high importance to us to cultivate interests, build friendships and develop our students socially. In order to do so, we provide our students a variety of extracurricular activities, ranging from journalism, to drama, music and art. We wish for all students to become actively involved in our different activities; therefore, we aim to provide the necessary encouragement and stimulation.

Take 5 Drama Club The club was created in 1993. It aims to develop the spoken mode of the English Language learning through drama. The club brings together a collection of ideas and dramatisation activities, such as mime, improvisation, songs, poetry and the use of play scripts. At the end of each academic year the Take 5 Club put on a summer presentation of their work to the parents.

ESC Journalist Group Newsletter Our ESC newsletters are compiled in joint collaboration with our teachers and the ESC N-Team Journalist Group members. During club time students get the opportunity to collect course material, organize interviews, present their material with the guidance of their teachers. They also are given the opportunity to work with special software such as Photoshop and Correl.

Project Work Team for the school boards This project work begins in January. Topics are discussed with their teachers and students are assigned 20 minutes extra in addition to their lessons to do their research in the computer lab. Various website addresses are given so they can go on line and find information about their projects. This prepares students for their further education, as it advances their study skills. Additionally, it broadens their knowledge, cultivates the technique of editing, rephrasing and provides the opportunity to work on presentation skills.

BELT MM Online System This is an interactive multimedia programme for the learning of the English Language, specially designed for primary and secondary school children. For a few years now, our Institute gives the opportunity to young learners to develop their English through this online programme, practising their Listening, Reading and Writing skills using our computers in the Media Room. Belt MM Online System includes:

  • Online picture dictionary
  • Student’s Workbook that is integrated into the program
  • Accent Trainer with voice recording and comparison
  • Interactive role-play
  • Topic related songs
  • Dictation in the Workbook or on the computer
  • Extra entertaining activities

FunRaising Organization

Our School is willing to help and support those in need, by participating in FunRaising Charity Organization aiming to provide food, clothes even books to poor families all around Limassol! We are all so proud of our students for their support and generous contributions!

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