Krini Askanis, Director

The Trainer Director of the English Study Centre – Training Centre

As the Trainer Director of English Study Centre, Mrs. Krini Askanis is responsible for the design and organization of the training content of each adult programme. Mrs. Askanis undertakes the preparation before the start of the programme and selects the training methods, techniques, aids and materials.

Before the implementation of the training, Mrs. Askanis carries out the necessary promotion of the programmes through various forms of media and with direct communication to known clients, institutions and commercial companies from all sectors of economic/service activity.

To assess participants’ levels and needs, questionnaires are completed for analysis of their personal training needs and placement tests are set for each prospective participant prior to the programme. Mrs. Askanis ensures the programmes are implemented in strict accordance to the schemes of work and conduced with a high level of professionalism throughout the duration of the programmes.

Mrs. Askanis is responsible for the processing and utilisation of the evaluation results and also to collect course/instructor evaluations reports, questionnaires, feedback from the participants themselves at the end of each programme for appraisal purposes and for the compilation of a final report.